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Blue Biofuels Reports Successful Volume Testing of its Cellulose-to-Sugar Process on Latest Reactor System

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL; August 25, 2022 / Blue Biofuels, Inc. (OTCQB: BIOF)

Blue Biofuels has reached a significant milestone in the scaling of its proprietary Cellulose-to-Sugar (CTS) reactor system. Testing results on a custom modified reactor system demonstrate the ability to convert cellulosic material into sugars with high conversion at a throughput processing rate of 2.5 tons a day. This processing rate represents an order of magnitude greater than the previous CTS reactor system and contains design features that ensure further scalability.

The new reactor system was developed with strategic partner K.R. Komarek, a global industry leader in briquetting, compaction, granulation systems, and equipment. They have extensive experience and knowledge on equipment design and production of machines at commercially relevant throughput of up to 50 tons/hr.

Based on these results, we have commissioned our next CTS reactor with even more proprietary design features allowing greater exploration of process windows at these increased capacities. We expect the next reactor to arrive at Blue Biofuels in Q4 2022. 

CEO Ben Slager says, “The results of the testing with the modified K.R. Komarek machine is a big step forward in the development of our process as it proves that our CTS reactor system works at higher throughputs. These new design features are scalable, and we expect to have the same success with commercial size machines. We look forward to the next steps in scaling our CTS process to develop high volume commercial production of cellulosic and CO2 friendly biofuels.” 


Blue Biofuels Cellulose-to-Sugar (CTS) technology is an environmentally friendly, sustainable, and renewable green energy system. The CTS process has a near-zero carbon footprint that can convert virtually any plant material – grasses, forestry products, and agricultural waste such as sugarcane bagasse and wheat straw — into sugars and lignin. Sugars are subsequently processed into biofuels and lignin may be further processed into specialty chemicals, ion exchange resins, or bioplastics. The CTS process is a patented and proprietary technology wholly owned by Blue Biofuels.

Blue Biofuels’ management believes that biofuel originating from the Company’s CTS process will be eligible to receive the US EPA’s generous D3 cellulosic Renewable Fuel Credits. The D3 credit is currently around $2.85/gallon of ethanol, which could provide income in addition to that from ethanol sales. This incentive is offered to all domestic cellulosic fuel producers whose fuel is used in the transportation industry. The Environmental Protection Agency’s revised mandate for cellulosic ethanol is 620 million gallons for 2021 and 770 million gallons for 2022. 

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Ben Slager, CEO

Anthony Santelli, CFO

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