Benjamin Slager-CEO and Chairman of the Board

Mr. Slager joined the Company in the summer of 2016 after moving his family from the Netherlands and selling his last venture to DSM a large public international energy and technology company located in Europe.  Mr. Slager is an expert in developing and commercializing new technologies.

Main proven competence and experience: great technical knowledge and comprehension in combination with sharp entrepreneurial and business sense. Wide understanding, knowledge  and experience in commercial processes globally and extensive expertise and experience in financial aspects of a company as well in developing companies and selling companies.  Proven record in founding, developing and selling high tech companies multiple times with a 100 % success rate to date. Ability to work with people on all levels in a company from the work floor to the board, people make companies. Optimistic, creative and able to look for the positive aspects and opportunities in companies, people and processes in any situations without losing vigilance.

Work Experience

Technology, Manufacturing, starting, developing and selling companies.


  • Starting, developing  and selling several technical innovative companies.
  • SolarExcel BV,  CEO;  founded developed and sold the company, Solar Excel developed a high tech and patented solution, product and production process,  for performance increase in solar cells.
  • Novameer BV, CEO;  founded, developed and sold the company,  Novameer developed high tech and patented  fibers, product and production process,  for antiballistic and composite applications.
  • Alloksys life sciences BV, Advisory board member ; developing therapeutics for anti-inflammation.

1993 -2006 Microidentt Group AG Erfurt – Germany – 1993 -2006  Co-founder, Group CEO. ( 350 people 60 million US$).  Manufacturing, development, marketing and sales of smartcards, smartcard related products and industry identification transponders worldwide.

  • Multitape GmbH Paderborn Germany ; Acquired
  • AEG Ident GmbH Ulm Germany ; Acquired
  • AEG Chech SRO Vrglabi Chech republik ; acquired
  • Cubit GmbH Erfurt Germany ; Acquired
  • NedCard BV. Holland ; Founded
  • NedCard BV Nijmegen, The Netherlands – Founder & CEO (80 people US$ 15 million)
  • NedCard Gmbh Eisenach Deutschland – Founder & CEO (25 people US$ 4 million)
  • NedCard USA Inc. Littleton Co. USA – Founder & Chairman (5 people )


1990-1993 Technology & Sales

  • ASM Assembly Products BV – Bilthoven

International sales director

Sales engineer

1987-1990 Financial Industry

  • NesBic Holding BV Utrecht

Analyst in venture capital



Dutch: Mother tongue

English: Fluent in speech, reading and writing

German: Fluent in speech, reading and writing

Swedish: Basic

French: Basic


 Holds over 20 patent families with over 100 patents world wide

AT346381; Folie als träger von integrierten schaltungen 2006-12-15

DE10214314; Chip module with a dielectric substrate and at least one chip accommodated in a substrate cavity is provided with several electrodes which are shaped so that they almost completely cover the cavity base surface 2003-10-23

WO0197169; Method for treating chips which are mounted on a carrier tape 2001-12-20

WO0225721; Method for installing a chip on a 2002-03-28

US6399004; Method for encapsulating a chip on a carrier, 2002-06-04

CNN 2762-1 Smart Laminates

CNN 2759 Polymeric fibers coated with an olefin Block copolymer containing resin and laminates comprising polymeric fibers in a resin of olefin block copolymers.

CNN 2757 Process for producing high strength polyethylene film

CSN 2735 WO Photovoltaic device

CSN 2769 Photovoltaic device with improved spectral response

CSN 2747 Photovoltaic device of the thin film type

CSN xxxx Method for producing a textured coverplate by using a resin

CSN xxxx Method for producing a textured coverplate by using a polymer

CSN2748 Greenhouse for enhanced plant growth

CSN xxxx Greenhouse for enhanced plant growth II