Blue BioFuels, Inc.

Benjamin Slager - Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Slager joined the Company in the summer of 2016 after moving his family from the Netherlands and selling his last venture to DSM a large public international energy and technology company located in Europe.  Mr. Slager is an expert in developing and commercializing new technologies. Main proven competence and experience: great technical knowledge and […]

Anthony E. Santelli II, Ph.D. - Chief Financial Officer

Dr Santelli joined the Company as a Director in May, 2018, after having made large investments into the Company. He became Chief Operating Officer in October 2018 to manage the transition through bankruptcy. After the Company exited bankruptcy, Dr. Santelli’s title was changed to Chief Financial Officer to better reflect his role going forward. He […]

Kevin Hissem - Engineering Director

Kevin is an expert in engineering, designing, manufacturing, and automating specialty machinery and production processes.   He has been the President of Specialty Fabrication (2017-2021), the largest fabrication and machining facility in the Southeastern United States that specializes in large weldments and high tolerance machining primarily for power generation, aerospace, nuclear, DOE and DOD.  His customers […]

Travis W. Baughman, Ph.D. - Director of Technology

Dr. Baughman joined Blue Biofuels in September 2021 in the role of Director of Polymer Development and has recently been promoted to Director of Technology. Prior to working for Blue Biofuels, he joined the industrial work force with DSM, a Dutch company, and worked on various materials projects as chemist and engineer in the corporate […]

Eric Libra, Ph.D. - Laboratory Director

Eric has spent his career in process and scale up technologies in the Pharmaceutical and Specialty Chemical Fields where he has successfully scaled new products from laboratory and pilot to large scale production. With a focus on the implementation of new technical methodologies and optimizations, he has impacted dozens of manufacturing processes for chemicals commonly […]

Patrick Simms - VP of Manufacturing & Engineering

Patric has a record of innovative technical, operations, business development, and project management over a 50 year career including senior management positions at various companies. He has successfully scaled up and commercialized more than 15 agricultural and industrial biotech products which include ethanol, proteins, and small molecules. Patric is an experienced project manager, including design, […]