Company Press Releases

Blue Biofuels Inc. ("BIOF") continues to make substantial strides in advancing its Cellulose-to-Sugar (CTS) technology towards commercial scale. The company has achieved a significant milestone by successfully producing its first batch of cellulosic ethanol, utilizing the cellulosic sugars created from biomass on its CTS pilot line.
Blue Biofuels Inc. and Vertimass, LLC, have created a partnership to employ Vertimass’ proprietary Consolidated Alcohol Deoxygenation and Oligomerization (CADO) technology to produce sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and renewable propane and butane (rLPG) as co-products from ethanol. This new company, VertiBlue Fuels LLC, is equally owned by Blue Biofuels Inc. and Vertimass.
The Energy Policy Act of 2005, which included the Renewable Fuel Standard Program enforced by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mandates a certain amount of renewable fuel be blended into the transportation fuel used by all vehicles in the country. This Program provides monetary incentives to all domestic renewable fuel producers whose fuel is used in the transportation industry.