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Biofuel and Beyond

Blue Biofuels uses a cellulose-to-sugar (CTS) process to develop biofuels and other bio-products.

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Our cellulose-to-sugar (CTS) process

Our patented, mechanical-chemical CTS technology is expected to dramatically reduce time and costs for a chemical transformation of cellulose into soluble fermentable sugars.


Bioethanol can be created by fermenting the soluble sugars from our CTS process. Production of ethanol in this manner allows us to access the lucrative D3 RIN subsides specifically designated for cellulosic ethanol.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

We can convert our cellulosic ethanol into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) using the licensed Vertimass Process.

High-purity Lignin

Lignin, an organic substance found in the plant cell wall, comprises about 15 percent of our feedstock.

During the CTS process, a chemically unmodified lignin is produced. This byproduct can be used in ion-exchange resins to purify water or make speciality chemicals. It can also be used as a clean-burning fuel instead of coal.